Advance Reader Praise for Free Falling

“I am captive. I am intrigued. I want more.”


Mary L.



“I couldn’t stop turning pages. It’s so emotionally gripping!”


Terra W.

“The conflict is intriguing and the dialog is beautiful.”


Robert J.

Free Falling

The first cut is the deepest, and for 24-year-old Free Spalding, the emotional wounds her high school sweetheart, Christopher Bellamy, left behind aren’t the kind that heal quickly.

When Christopher turns out to be the one behind a real estate developer’s push to put her late father’s restaurant out of business, Free is determined to go to battle, despite their history, and even if it means shattering her already fragile relationship with her mother.

When the secrets of their past begin to surface, Free realizes she and Christopher both have everything to lose. Fighting him will be a battle, but trusting him will mean
free falling all over again.

Free Falling is a small town, multicultural romance novel featuring a feisty female lead and a swoon-worthy lead who get a second chance at love. It is a 2016 Maggie Award Finalist and is scheduled for release in November 2017.


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