My new favorite movie cast is doing media rounds, and Lupita Nyongo posted this video of her challenging Michael B. Jordan to do push-ups. And although you could film this man doing push-ups for two hours and I’d watch the entire thing and award him an Oscar® when it was over, that’s not what I’m focusing on here. It’s the other moments. The soft, quiet moments that keen observers of romance will pick up on.

It’s the look on Michael’s face when he first sees Lupita.

The way he puts his hand over his heart when he tells her how amazing she looks.

The way she touches his face during their conversation, not once, but twice.

When he hugs her then does that thing with his eyebrows.

The way neither of them can stop smiling!

Bonus: After he tells her she looks amazing, he does this thing with his hands to emulate her shape. Watch it again if you don’t believe me. 🙂

This 60-second video is a masterclass on writing about newfound love. If I had one of those computer monitors, I’d mark-up this clip like they do videos of football games to study the plays. Okay, okay, I’m totally shipping these two, but I’m allowed. I’m a romance writer!

You can access the original video here on Lupita’s Instagram account.

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